Made To Order & Custom Sizing

Made To Order

Valerie and Bob is run as a made-to-order business, also referred to as an on-demand production process. So what does this mean? Basically it means we only make what has been ordered. The benefits of made-to-order is that we don’t have a warehouse full of stock waiting to be sold. We make your garment only after you have placed your order - therefore, we are making stock according to demand. 

Why do we operate as made to order? Well, in regards to sustainability - made to order is arguably the most responsible way to provide clothing. Waste and oversupply is one of the fashion industries biggest environmental impacts. We believe that working on a made to order basis is an excellent way to minimise waste. There is no warehouse full of unsold clothes that will head to the bin after we no longer want to include them in our collections. And we then have more fabric on the roll to use in future collections!

As we do participate in local market’s where we have to make stock beforehand, we do often have some stock ready to be posted as soon as your order is placed. However, we can’t guarantee that, and if it needs to be made then there is 6-week manufacturing turn around. Please note, this turn around time does not include postage, only manufacturing. We will endeavour to get the garment to you as soon as possible however, occasionally (but not often) it may take up to the full 6 weeks. If you do need your garment within a certain timeframe we recommend contacting us before placing your order and we will see what we can do to accommodate your request.


Custom Sizing

Another benefit of working on a made-to-order basis is that it gives us the opportunity to offer custom sizing. It’s quite apparent that the fashion industry has room for improvement when it comes to a diversity of sizing, as well as providing fashionable clothing that suits all shapes and sizes. Bodies are different and the struggle of feeling like you don’t have options available to you because your body isn’t the same as someone else’s, who is represented, can feel awful. And let’s be honest, so many of us have been there. In fact, Valerie and bob started with a pursuit to find a pair of overalls that fit. After years of searching for a fit we couldn’t find, we made them. 

So, if you are unsure of what size you would fit into, you are in between sizes, or you simply want a different kind of fit than what we have designed, you have the option to customise your sizing.

Please note – if you simply want it made to your measurements all you need to do is choose C for custom sizing and provide your measurements in the order notes. If you want to change the style for a different fit (e.g. tighter in the waist, adding some length or bringing up the arm holes for more coverage etc.) please contact us at before placing your order so we can confirm that we can provide what you require. 

Please see below for measurement instructions.


Bust/Chest -  To measure your bust, measure under your arms placing the tape measure around the widest part of the chest.  

Waist – The waist is located underneath the ribs and above the hips, it’s the smallest part of your stomach area. To determine where your waist is we recommend tying a ribbon around this area. Hold the tape measure around the ribbon to get your measurement. Make sure you don’t hold the tape measure too tight.

Hips – To measure your hips place the tape measure around the fullest part of your body. This area is generally around 20-25cm down from your waist.

Body Length - You might need a helping hand for this one! To measure your body length sit down on a stool or hard surface and measure your back from the middle of your shoulder (around where a shoulder strap would sit) straight down to the surface you are sitting on.

Height - This one is pretty straightforward. We require your height in cm to give us an indication of your body proportions.

Please feel free to give us any other measurements that you think might be useful.