Valerie & Bob?

Valerie and Bob was born five years ago when Jess wore her first pair of olive overalls handmade by her mum, Liz.

What started with a pair of homemade overalls developed into a passion for sustainable fashion. Wanting to be able to create more simple and lasting designs, perfect for building a sustainable wardrobe, the two began to source beautiful natural linens and bring more designs to life - with the Vera shift dress coming next. Valerie and Bob aims to produce high quality, stylish sustainable garments that can be worn for years. 

"It took a long time in the making, but mum and I always wanted to be able to share our designs with everyone else and we are so happy to be starting this slow-growing journey of a small family business".

Jess & Liz xx


Sustainability & Ethics

Sustainable & Ethical fashion has been a driving force behind Valerie & Bob from the beginning.  Sustainable fashion takes the whole lifecycle of a garment into consideration. Was it made ethically? Will the garment last through wear and tear and changing fashion trends? What will happen to the garment once it can no longer be worn? Can it be recycled or will it decompose?

All Valerie and Bob designs are made by Liz and Jess, and a few talented local seamstresses, as a made to order production process. All garments are made in Adelaide, Australia complying with FairWork SA standards. The quality of both the fabric and the manufacturing are so the garment will last.

Working on a made to order production process means that there is more control over stock levels, resulting in less waste. Only a few pieces are made in each style, the rest to be made once orders have been placed. This leaves more fabric on the roll for future styles, less unsold stock sitting in storage and allows more focus and time to be spent on the orders that are placed. 

Made to order also allows for custom-made sizing. Both Jess and Liz are strong advocates for one size NOT fitting all. Along with environmental issues, the fashion industry is failing to provide stylish, well-made garments in a wide range of sizes. Offering custom sizing provides the opportunity to get that perfect fit or to customise the piece to your own style. 

Our range of made-to-order linen garments are made using 100% natural linen that is OEKO certified. Some of our garments are a cotton and linen mix. The benefit of using natural fibres is that the garment will biodegrade when thrown away, as opposed to plastic fabrics. Our limited release collections are made using deadstock fabric. Deadstock is fabric that will otherwise end up in landfill and so the opportunity to make use of these discarded fabrics is fantastic.

At Valerie and Bob we are continually looking for ways in which we can improve our process and environmental footprint; so we are always on the look out for the best sustainable options we can find. 

We aim to include transparency and accountability during every step of the life-cycle of a Valerie and Bob garment. If you have any queries about the fabric or the manufacturing process please contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 

Fast fashion? No way. We are a slow and thoughtful business.